Legacy FCU Checking

You know that when you do your financial business at the credit union, you can expect friendly, personalized service. Your checking account is an essential financial service. You deserve more than an ordinary account. When we put together our checking account packages, we had just one thing in mind, YOU! The credit union has two checking account options. No matter which option you choose, your account is insured up to $250,000.00 per account by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration).

The Premium Account:

This allows you to write as many checks as you like and there is no minimum balance required to earn interest on this account. You are also entitled to one order of basic checks per year or an equivalent credit on the checks of your choice. There is a $4.00 monthly fee for the Premium Account.

Check Ordering:

If you wish to make a name or address change, do not know the next starting check number for your reorder, or if this is your first order through 'Checks For Less', please contact Legacy FCU at (503) 413-7474 to place your order. If this is a re-order with Checks For Less, use the link provided.

The Free Checking Account:

It’s just that….FREE! With either account you may also enjoy all the additional features listed below.

Bill Pay:

Our free on-line bill pay service available to those with Legacy Federal Credit Union checking accounts. Pay all of your bills from the security of your home computer. Just think, no more stamps to buy or envelopes to lick and nothing gets lost in the mail.

You’re never more than a block from access to cash with a Legacy Federal Credit Union ATM Card or VISA® Debit Card. Our ATM Cards access a variety of networks across the metro area, around the country and in Canada. The VISA® Debit Card replaces your checkbook. Use it at any place VISA® is accepted and your transaction will automatically be deducted from your checking account. You may also use your VISA® Debit Card at ATMs.

Overdraft Protection:

Arrange overdraft protection for your checking account. You may qualify for a Line of Credit Loan which will transfer increments of $100.00 to your checking account should you overdraw your account. You may also sign up for overdraft protection from your Money Master account or VISA® Credit Card.

Carbon Copy:

How many times have you forgotten to write down in your register the amount of that check you wrote last night? Worry no more! All credit union checks have a carbon copy, which makes it virtually impossible to forget where you wrote that last check.