Other Legacy Services

Auto Solutions, Auto Buying Service:

Auto Solutions is ready and able to find you a new or used vehicle at a terrific price. Auto Solutions will search for the make, model and color you want and quote a price. This broker accepts trade-in vehicles. You may get pre-approved for your loan and you're set to make your purchase! Car buying doesn't have to be a hassle and can actually be an enjoyable experience. Call Auto Solutions at (503) 238-2429 or click here now.

Money Orders:

Money orders are available at the credit union for the nominal charge of $ 2.00 each.

Notary Public:

This service is offered at no charge for our members.

Automatic Payroll Deduction:

Have your paycheck automatically deposited in your credit union account and distributed to any checking, savings, or loan products.

ACH Services (Automated Clearing House):

Arrange to have payroll from any employer deposited in your credit union account automatically. This includes any automatic deposit such as retirement checks, social security benefits, etc. You may also arrange for automatic debits for insurance purposes, mortgage payments, etc.