Legacy FCU Savings

Full service means something special to us because we are a member-owned financial institution. We concentrate on serving our members. For example, we give you a choice of savings programs. No matter which type you choose, your account is insured to $250,000.00 by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) , an agency of the federal government. It’s important that your savings account offer a high rate of return while providing for safety and soundness. Many experts say that it is wise to keep an emergency fund equal to 3-6 months take home pay in an easily accessible savings account. The following are brief summaries of the types of savings vehicles available at your credit union.

Regular Share Account:

This is the basic savings account and is the perfect way to start on the road to financial independence. A Regular Share Account qualifies you for membership in the credit union and is the foundation for realizing your financial goals. This account offers easy access, competitive rates and insured deposit safety. Payroll deduction is available to establish an easy to maintain savings plan. Minimum balance required for a regular savings account is $5.00.

Money Master Account:

Commonly called a money market account, this savings plan now pays tiered rates based on your average monthly balance. Money market accounts allow you to earn a higher rate of interest while permitting access to your funds without penalty for early withdrawal. Minimum balance requirement is $2000.00. You may make up to three withdrawals, of a minimum of $100.00 each, per month. You may also use your Money Master account for overdraft protection for your checking account.

Certificates of Deposit:

For a minimum deposit as low as $1000.00 you may earn the credit union’s highest rate of return on your funds. Certificates may be purchased for 12,18 or 24-month terms. The rate of return may be determined by the term of the certificate. As with all certificates of deposit, there are penalties for early withdrawal. Interest is compounded and paid quarterly.

IRA Accounts:

Your credit union offers a full array of IRA Products. Look to your credit union to save for retirement, the purchase of a first home or the education of your children. Our IRA accounts are fully insured up to $250,000.00 per account and deposits may be made anytime. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly.

Christmas Club Account:

Save regularly for those extra seasonal expenses. A minimum initial opening deposit of $25.00 is required. Additional deposits may be made by payroll deduction, over the counter, or by mail. The balance of the account is issued by mail on the first weekend in November. Withdrawals are not permitted from the Christmas Club account. An emergency withdrawal will result in closure of the account and forfeiture of all dividends earned on the account to the date of withdrawal.